Job Opportunity: Copy Writer & Customer Success Coordinator

Finding work worth doing is like searching for The One. Lots of hits and misses. Fortunately getting a job interview is easier than getting a date. And less nerve racking.

dream job sign 400x200

We’re looking for eager, smart, all around, jumpers. People who can go with the flow and rise to the occasion. We have big dreams, big ambitions. Every single person matters. No matter how young or how experienced.

2 FULL-TIME positions available. Work will be remote at the beginning.

A fun, cheeky, humourous, speedy COPY WRITER.

A CUSTOMER SUCCESS COORDINATOR who will go above and beyond to make our customer’s success their success. Don’t know what customer success is? It’s pretty new and hip. Read this. And this. And this too.

Interested? We are doing an enterprise communications platform for web and mobile. We are a startup. Funded. Email your resume to guitagopalan[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll provide you more details about who we are and what we do.

Heads up: 3 reminders so you don’t become someone I don’t want to work with from the get go.

1. Tell me what you’re interested in. If it’s the copy writing position include writing samples. I hate ‘for whatever position I am qualified for.’ It tells me you don’t really care.

2. If your qualifications don’t fit with the job description that’s fantastic. Only a small part of me, cares about your education and experience. I care more about WHO YOU ARE and WHY you might be a good match. So let me know.

3. Don’t waste my time. I’ll reply quickly (except on weekends and sleeping hours). Don’t make me wait 3 days for your reply to a single question. The questions I ask are part of the process.

Feel free to ask questions via email. This job post doesn’t really have a lot of info. So fire away.


One thought on “Job Opportunity: Copy Writer & Customer Success Coordinator

  1. “Don’t know what customer success is? It’s pretty new and hip.” – Yes! And commonly misunderstood. Many times companies think renaming your tech support or sales team “customer success” is the end of it.

    If you’re looking for a deep dive into SaaS customer success, we just posted a blog you might get a lot of of: “SaaS Customer Success: The secret to reducing churn & increasing MRR”

    Love to hear your thoughts!

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