Wedding Tea Party

Last Saturday, I attended the wedding of my friend Riza. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was great…that got me to wondering about the costs of getting married – the gowns and suits/barongs, the ‘eve of‘ hotel accommodations, the spa dates, the gym membership, the event organizer, the reception venue, the food, the invitations, the photographer, the flowers, the wedding favors, the sound system and whatever floats your fancy for your special day! It’s REALLY costly. Imagine if you had 300 guests and the buffet cost Php500/pax – that’s already Php150,000. Reception venues nowadays cost at least Php20,000 and that’s for only 100 guests.

Over lunch with Koi, I was playing with the concept of a Tea Reception.


Have the wedding ceremony at an odd hour like 2pm, and then have a Tea Party afterward (or a Coffee Party, whichever floats your boat). Serve coffee, tea, champagne, juice, cake, cookies muffins, butter, jam, savory breads, cold cuts, cheese…and you’re good to go! Have a great program, complete with the cursory wedding games and it’ll make for an interesting, memorable and cost-effective wedding reception!

Don’t forget to inform your guests before hand through the invites that that a ‘Afternoon Tea will follow at…’

If you find a comfortable garden or nature inspired venue that would be a big plus! (Please do inform your female guests though that the reception will be at a garden – stilettos are not advisable.)


Congratulations and best wishes to Kirby and Riza Baliang!


Guita T. Gopalan

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What Caught My Eye: Laboratory Glassware

Towards the tail end of September, I was often at UP Shopping Center (Diliman). We were having collaterals printed for the launch of the Francis Magalona Foundation. One of the stores there was all about selling laboratory glassware.


It got me thinking how cool it would be to put up a bar named The Laboratory (The Lab for short). The glassware would be all the different and cool laboratory glassware that could be found (such as the ones in the picture on top). Special drinks would be mixed using the various apparatus and glass configurations – they’d have to be a pretty cool – chemical inspired color like neon violet or gold. :D


Guita T. Gopalan

Let’s Make Great Things Happen!

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5 Things I Learned from this Problem-Solution Framework

A friend (Ryan Jay D. Crisostomo) of a friend (Jill Lao) made the diagram below! And as usual I was amazed by how a normally complex process was so simply presented in a visual!

1. Problem = Solution
Every problem has a solution however its all a matter of figuring out how the two are connected. It’s easier said than done, right?

2. Understand both sides of the equation.
Solving a problem you don’t understand is like trying to combine blue and yellow to make purple and then adding red because the first mix resulted in green!

3. Good solutions are a result of good strategy, logic, creativity and intuition.

I think for most people, for as long as a solution is strategic and logical its a decent solution. But sometimes something seems lacking and here is where creativity and intuition come in.

4. Good solutions have these four elements.

  • Action – the actual effort that must be expended to achieve the intended effect
  • Reason – the why-the logical basis for making the effort
  • Imagination – visualization of the intended effect and the process to achieve it
  • Inspiration – a deeper motivation for action

5. A good solution is only as good as it’s execution.

  • Plan – the efficient organization of time and resources
  • Rationale – the logical explanation for each item in the plan and how these are connected
  • Idea – the central binding idea that enables movements of different units to unify
  • Insight – the x factor (future sight) that instinctively tells us that we are doing the right or best thing

I have a secret love of diagrams and infographics…someday I hope to be able to make billions of these visual representations of information for my own thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Originally posted on 5 Things I Learned last July 17, 2011.



Guita T. Gopalan
Let’s Make Great Things Happen!

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